I DO NOT recommend Ketogenic diet to anyone with diabetes. Here’s why:

  1. Ketogenic diet (all fat, least protein and no carbs) is a very restrictive diet and hard to follow long term.
  2. Ketogenic diet emphasizes on one macronutrient (Fat) while ignoring the importance of others (cab, protein a. natural sources of vitamin & minerals). Thus, leading towards nutritional deficiencies if followed long term.
  3. Diabetes, most of the time, is accompanies by cardiovascular disorders as a part of Metabolic Syndrome. While trying to control blood sugar levels in diabetics through ketogenic diet, one can exacerbate the symptoms of cardiovascular disorders, or may increase the risk of developing it in case of absence
  4. It is well proven in literature that regular exercise regimen that can help you build your muscle mass is very helpful to control and improve blood sugar levels as muscular tissue is the most Insulin sensitive tissue. All fat diet, by no means, can feed your muscles.

All in all, despite some research being published in favor of the use of ketogenic diet for diabetes, it is no less than any other fad/crash dietary approach. Thus, consumption of slow realizing carbs (carbs with fiber and protein such as whole grains) as a part of nutritionally balanced diet along with regular exercise regimen still remains the best advice for diabetics.