Jalpa Sheth has had the great pleasure of working with clients from around the world – here are some of the kind words they had to say

Afrina Anwar

Wonderful nutritionist! She is very knowledgeable and helpful. Highly recommended!

Anita s.

My experience with Jalpa has been very positive. She listened to my needs and worked around them to give me a diet that has provided me with pleasing results. I highly recommend her


Jalpa is very knowledgeable, genuine, and always there to guide on any questions or concerns that may come up during and between the sessions. Am so glad to have come across her for guidance on diet and nutrition. I starved and deprived myself of food in order to stay in shape which resulted in muscle loss and lack of proper nutrition that my body needed. She totally guided me with a wholesome diet plan, and it has completely changed the way I look at food and eating. No more starvation, depletion, or any fad diets. I now eat a very well balanced and nutritious diet and am seeing positive results in my body. I learned so much about balance and healthy eating after having met her. I no longer have fear of calories, and now have a very healthy approach towards food. All Thanks to Jalpa for the amazing work she does!!

Camad Hembree

Jalpa helped to transform me completely. Before seeing her I was confused by the various diets and information on the internet in relation to eating. She really helps to design a plan for you while encouraging you to still eat foods from all food groups. It’s all about portion size.

Preetha Krishnan

I had to visit Jalpa Sheth after I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. She helped me set aside all my anxieties and helped formulate a diet plan that suited my work schedule as well. She was also very prompt when I had to follow up with doubts. Thanks to Jalpa, I was able to maintain a nutritious diet and a very balanced weight throughout my pregnancy. I highly recommend her.

Parwinder Kaur

I vividly remember the day Jalpa said that EATING AND ONLY EATING can help me with weight loss. At first, it sounded counter-intuitive because I used to skip my meals regularly.
She tailored my diet in such a personal way and just brought awareness about how tweaks to the diet can significantly speed up metabolism and the weight loss process. I am now eating healthier and feeling great after seeing results.
I would highly recommend her services to anyone who is looking for weight loss recommendations. I’m happy that I did myself this favor.​

Maritza Santiago

I did my normal routine check-up. Bloodwork etc. Went in for my blood results and my cholesterol was somewhat high, triglycerides high, pre-diabetic, fatty liver. Never had these issues. So, I made a huge decision to change my diet completely to reduce my numbers. 3 months later did bloodwork again, same results. Decided on my last resort to find a dietitian on google and found Jalpa Sheth! In our first session, I was very honest with her on everything I was eating every day. She helped me so much! Some foods I was still eating was the cause of my numbers not going down. Truly blessed and happy with Jalpa, she put me on a diet to follow. 3 months later I went for my follow-up with her and showed her my bloodwork results… NUMBERS WENT DOWN! She is my angel! I am planning on sticking to my diet and keeping my numbers down! I highly recommend Jalpa! Thank you Jalpa!

Zainab Kausar

Jalpa is amazing! I had really bad cystic acne. I’ve tried everything and anything you can think of from going vegan, visiting different doctors, estheticians, dermatologists, the list goes on. the last thing on my list was to see a dietitian/nutritionist. I looked for the best in my area and came across Jalpa. After the initial virtual appointment, I was given a guideline on lifestyle changes I needed to make and diet changes. I was very hopeful and followed everything to the tea and after many years of disappointment, I finally was seeing amazing results within 2 weeks!! To this day I am very grateful and would recommend Jalpa to anyone and everyone, she is amazing.

Daniel Ceresia

I’ve been a sufferer of IBS for many many years. In the past, Doctors had suggested I try a Low FODMAP /elimination diet to help me find my trigger foods. Every time I researched it, I was completely lost and always gave up on trying the diet because it seemed like a difficult thing for me to accomplish. I am extremely pleased and thankful that I found Jalpa. She took the difficulty out and explained things to me, offering me menu ideas that were Low FODMAP to help ease me into the diet. She informed me that we were going to not only find out what foods my tummy could and couldn’t handle but also heal my gut in the process. I followed her suggestions and plan to a T and now 3 months later I couldn’t be happier. She was able to make the mountain that I didn’t think I would be able to climb doable and so much easier than I could have expected. She was available when I had questions and always answered them in a timely manner. Thanks to Jalpa, I now look forward to living life at the moment without chronic IBS episodes and will continue to follow the guidelines she has given me so I will. If you suffer from IBS and are at your wits end like I was, I highly recommend reaching out to Jalpa and get some relief as I have.

Tanya Tripi-Weiss

I worked with Jalpa for 4 months during which time I lost 25lbs (and counting). In addition to helping me eat healthier, Jalpa helped me change my relationship with food and as a result, I was finally able to break my overly restrictive dieting/binging cycle. I am in better shape than I’ve been in a few years as Jalpa encouraged me to work out with her guidance. Lastly, when I started working with Jalpa my inflammation levels in blood work were twice the normal rate, by changing my eating habits I was able to get the levels into a lower and closer to normal range. I highly recommend Jalpa as her knowledge and professionalism shine through and she has always been attentive and kind.