One size doesn't fit all when it comes to diet

Jalpa’s approach to nutrition and meal planning will be highly individualized by taking into account each of her clients’ ages, medical conditions as well as nutritional needs.

Moreover, because of her deep interest in and understanding of different cuisines and cultures, Jalpa also assures cultural competency in her dietary advice.

Jalpa can
help you with...

Adult Weight

Are you tired of FADS, SUPPLEMENTS, or just YO-YO DIETING? If yes, this is the perfect time to consult Jalpa, who takes a scientific approach to weight loss. After all, everybody is different, and so is the story of their weight gain. Thus, each weight loss approach should be 100% customized to your needs.

Jalpa’s unique and proven approach to weight management is comprised of both a balanced diet and a structured exercise plan. Each plan is individualized to meet the needs of each client, which allows for flexibility in regard to cultural cuisines and food distribution. This plan will be focused on achieving long-term, sustainable weight loss, as well as the ability to lose fat while retaining muscles.

Family Nutrition

Jalpa understands just how difficult it can be to educate the ones you love most on the importance of nutrition and wellness. Luckily, Jalpa has developed a detailed plan to assist you in both teaching your family the importance and benefits of a healthy lifestyle, as well as how to implement it long-term. She also ensures to customize each client’s plan according to the preferences and daily lives of their family members.

Remote Nutrition

Even if you aren’t located in the local NJ or NY area, Jalpa is happy to offer remote nutrition consultations for her clients. She has helped clients from all over the world via HIPAA compliant and user-friendly platforms so that they can receive face-to-face nutrition counseling anytime and anywhere. Jalpa has found that not only is online nutrition consultation more flexible, but it’s also a more affordable option.

Medical Nutrition

With her extensive background and experience working in a hospital/ICU setting, Jalpa possesses a great deal of knowledge and passion for medical nutrition therapy. She has gained the necessary skills to create compatible meal plans for a wide range of medical conditions, including diabetes, heart disease, cancer, digestive disorders, fatty liver disease/cirrhosis and kidney disease, among others. If you have questions around other specific medical conditions that Jalpa is familiar with, please reach out to her team or schedule an initial consultation.

Meal Plans

It can be challenging to translate nutritional advice into meals on a daily basis, particularly if you have specific dietary restrictions. If you have that same issue, Jalpa already has you covered by offering ready-to-go meal plans for special medical conditions, such as kidney disease and low FODMAP, as well as general healthy eating alongside diabetes, celiac disease, and/or gluten sensitivity.

Events / Workshops
and Public Speaking

Jalpa is always willing to provide her expertise as a dietitian and nutritionist at events, workshops and/or other public speaking engagements. She can speak on a multitude of different topics, including weight management/loss, medical nutrition therapy as well as customizable family and/or individual nutrition counseling. Jalpa also enjoys speaking at corporate events or retreats and can be a great nutrition coach for your team.