Weight Management Support Group

WHAT is it?

A “FIRST TIME EVER”, professionally led and facilitated SUPPORT GROUP for WEIGHT MANAGEMENT with an emphasis on learning, impacting and improving with peers (other clients of Jalpa Sheth Nutrition & Wellness) who’re on the same  journey.

Our approach to weight management consists of scientifically evident, sustainable solutions that take into account your individual needs, culinary skills, food preferences, cultural food practices, schedule, accessibility, lifestyle and all the pertaining aspects. But weight management is a journey and our experience says that it needs a village! So here we are, getting deeper in our approach presenting the one of it’s kind of weight management support groups where you shall connect with your peers on the same journey under our care.

We’re committed to think out of the box and provide unwavering support and essential resources, empowering you to navigate fresh perspectives and triumph on your weight management journey, stride by stride.

Our mission is simple: to provide you with the support and resources you need in exploring new perspectives to succeed in your weight management journey every step of the way.

WHO’s it for?

For all of those who are on a journey of weight loss under the guidance of Jalpa Sheth, MS, RDN, CDN. Alongside our holistic approach and ongoing support for weight management, we are now offering this “First of it’s kind” Weight Management Support Group for you to connect with your peers. Still not sure if it’s for you? Ask yourself “Do you feel lonely or lost on your journey of weight management? Or just curious about how other weight losers are doing.” If your answer is yes, then this is for you!!

Unleash your potential:
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WHAT does it offer?

Weight management support group offers you one hour long virtual meeting per month to be able to connect with your peers on the same journey in a safe, compassionate and professionally facilitated environment where you learn from others and enhance your journey towards sustainable weight loss:

The meeting includes the following:

  1. Professionally facilitate discussion on experiences, success, failures, etc. in the journey of weight loss.
  2. Interactive activity that helps enhance your dietary practices and mindset around it.
  3. One new nutrition topic to dive deeper into with an expert opinion.
  4. One actionable nutrition/ lifestyle tip per month to take a step forward in the journey of weight loss.
  5. One Guest speaker every quarter.
  6. One new recipe per month to learn from experts as well as your peers.
  7. Learning from peer journey and individual insights.
  8. Accountability partner to choose from the group of peers on similar journeys.

When & Where?

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our Weight Management Support Group starting AUGUST of 2024.

Kicking off one monthly meeting per month, calendar TBA.

Where? – In the comfort of your own home!,Yes, it will be virtual to help squeeze into your busy schedule no matter what you’re up to or where you are!

How it will help?

Supportive Community: Our primary focus is on creating a supportive community where you can connect with fellow weight losers who understand your journey and can be a part of it by sharing successes, challenges, and tips in a safe and welcoming environment.  Our Weight Management Support Group will offer a safe space to share your struggles, challenges  and victories and provide the support needed to conquer challenges.

Expert Guidance: Our monthly meetings will be a unique blend of professionally led facilitated discussion, activities, expert talks on special topics and much more! 

Guest Speakers: Be inspired by real-life success stories as well as learn about other avenues and resources in the context of weight management through our periodic talks from our guest speakers.

Accountability Partners: Accountability is key to success. How about having an accountability partner who’s also a part of the same journey! By joining our group, you’ll have access to our weight loss community where you can choose your  accountability partner(s) to keep you motivated and on track towards your goals. Together, we’ll celebrate victories and overcome obstacles.

How much will it cost?

Monthly Weight Loss Management Group

Get $15 off when signing up for 3 months


Together, We Thrive: Join Our Weight Management Support Group Today!``

People are loving our approach to
weight management

12 Aug 2020

Anita S.

My experience with Jalpa has been very positive. She listened to my needs and worked around that to give me a diet that has provided me with pleasing results. I highly recommend her

12 Aug 2020

Anita S.

My experience with Jalpa has been very positive. She listened to my needs and worked around that to give me a diet that has provided me with pleasing results. I highly recommend her


When does it start?

We shall be kicking off during the month of August, 2024. Exact date and time is to be announced. It shall be one meeting per month.

How long will be each meeting?

60 – 90 minutes.

Where do we meet?

Online. A virtual meeting link will be sent out to you each time before the meeting.

How can I make a payment?

You can make a payment via credit or debit card, following the instructions on our checkout page.

Any questions? Reach out to us!
We're happy to help.