South Asian Superfoods in Treatment and Prevention of Cancer

Jalpa Sheth spoke to EBPL residents about the importance and relevance of the South Asian diet, especially when going through cancer treatment as well as when recovering post-cancer. She suggests to eat a variety of foods in different colors to create a healthy, balanced & nutrient rich diet.

How to Shop for Groceries at a Dollar Store

Dollar stores are cheap and convenient, but are they actually a good place to shop for groceries? I asked Jalpa Sheth, a dietitian based in Jersey City, New Jersey, to walk me through a dollar store to find out.

Experts Weigh In On Ketogenic Diet for Diabetes Type 2

A ketogenic diet, in very simple terms, is a very low-carb diet. It has been claimed that going on a ketogenic diet is beneficial for people seeking to lose weight and to improve their health. This probably sounds very charming to a person with diabetes who is looking to lose excess weight and to improve their overall general health to avoid or prevent any diabetes related complications.