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Hicksville, NY

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re looking to get food/diet/nutrition related advice for weight management or medical conditions or your athletic goals, call 201- 744-0542 to schedule an appointment with our registered dietitian who’s also well versed in all kinds of cultural cuisines.
A registered dietitian can help you understand the importance of individual foods and it’s impact on your body including on your medical conditions, your weight, your mental health, your skin, your athletic performance, energy levels and a lot more! Working with a dietitian can be helpful to navigate through the jargon of nutrition.
Three steps to find a right dietitian:

  1. Make sure he/she is a registered dietitian nutritionist.
  2. Make sure he/she is experienced and/or knowledgeable to guide you through your individual goals of nutrition.
  3. You can search online on platforms like Google, or may also refer to your insurance portal to find participating professionals.

There are 5 food groups which are important in your daily diet – whole grain carbohydrates, lean proteins, Fruits, Vegetables and Dairy.
Yes, we do! We are in network with Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, United Healthcare and Oxford, and Medicare. 
As soon as you realize you cannot make it to your appointment, we are just a call away to have your appointment canceled at no charge!
We offer in-person as well as virtual sessions.

For in-person – we have three locations – Jersey City, New York City and Hicksville, refer to our locations and address on our website.

For virtual – we conduct all our telehealth sessions via a HIPAA secure Telehealth Platform, a link will be sent to your email as soon as you book your appointment.

Virtual sessions are conducted through HIPAA compliant and user-friendly telehealth platform. Once your appointment is booked an automated e-mail will be sent out to you with your date and time of the appointment as well as the link to join the video call. All you do is click on the link at the time of the appointment, type in your name and you’ll be joined straight in!
You may not be responsible for any payment if your insurance is covering it; however, for our out of pocket payers, payment can be made via our secure online client portal using your credit/debit/HSA card. 
Jalpa has been in the profession for 7 years now. During her course of profession, she has worked as a critical care/ICU dietitian and a metabolic support specialist at Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn, NY, so she has intensive experience in providing medical nutrition therapy for a wide range of conditions. Additionally, she has served in many outpatient settings including Dialysis clinics of Davita, Bariatric center as well as community programs involving pre- & post-natal care. Through her private practice, Jalpa has helped many clients achieve their health & fitness goals, including weight loss, through sustainable, long-term dietary & lifestyle changes. Moreover, she has reached a vast variety of cultures and age groups throughout her work experience, allowing her to develop a deep understanding of cultural cuisines and food practices. 
Her extensive training in the field of nutrition and main emphasis on evidence-based practices sets her apart from the clutter of fad dieters out there!
Absolutely, dietary management of diabetes doesn’t call for giving up on your cultural foods. We, at Jalpa Sheth Nutrition & Wellness LLC, specialize in and advocate the integration if cultural cuisines in dietary recommendations including Indian cuisine.


Our emphasis on evidence based practices and wholesome approach comprising of balanced (vs depriving) diet plan and other lifestyle factors sets us apart from the clutter of fad dieters out there.
All our procedures/ protocols are HIPAA compliant, our records are stored through HIPAA secure EHR system. All our clients receive a copy of of privacy policies through their client portal once they sign up for an appointment.
That depends upon your individual case and is usually determined through your medical conditions if any as well as your baseline eating habits. Natural supplements although are not regulated by FDA and thus, the source of it is always a question.
That depends upon your individual case and is usually determined through your medical conditions if any as well as your baseline eating habits. 
There’s no individual supplement that can be magic bullet towards weight loss. Weight management is about a whole lifestyle regimen vs just a supplement.
Yes, we can certainly guide your through dietary management of high blood pressure and as well as other heart conditions.
Food allergy is an immune reaction taking place upon ingesting an offending food or food ingredient that the individual is allergic to; food intolerance, although is more about ingestion of the food.
Give us a call and sign up for an appointment to speak with a registered dietitian!
Whole grain carbs or high fiber roots in conjunction with lean protein and fiber rich foods, whole fruits, vegetables, nuts are good choices of foods for diabetes or pre-diabetes.
Nutritionally balanced diet with inclusion of all 5 food groups in the right proportion that comes in at the right timings to nourish your body is a simple explanation of a healthy diet.
Any kind of over-eating is never helpful, how much is too much depends on the individual nutrient.