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How often would I need to follow-up with a dietitian?

The frequency of follow-ups depends on the client’s needs, their progress, as well as their willingness to follow through. Your specific needs for follow-ups will be discussed at the end of your initial appointment.

Do you provide nutrition-related advice in the form of meal plans?

Yes, every piece of advice will be translated into a customized diet chart (meal plan). You shall leave with a concrete diet plan that will involve no guesswork for you!

I prefer to eat my cultural foods, is that acceptable under your program?

Absolutely! With her deep understanding of cultural cuisines from across the globe, Jalpa strongly advocates for cultural food practices and would love to help you create a suitable diet plan that embraces your cultural cuisine.

Do you offer worksite wellness/corporate wellness programs?

Yes, we do! Please fill out our contact form to have one of our associates reach out to you for more details.