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5 Tips to Control Stress & Boredom Related Eating During COVID-19 Pandemic

While the majority of us are under lockdown as a precautionary measure against COVID-19, many of us are struggling with stress or boredom related eating during this time. Though uncertainty & anxiety persists about COVID-19, below mentioned 5 tips are certain to help you cope with stress or boredom related eating.

  1. Develop a consistent eating pattern throughout the day

    Restriction during the day is a sure way to trigger bingeing late at night. Eat three meals a day to keep blood sugar in check and keep your brain sane. Your productivity and mood will drastically increase if you are properly fueled.

  2. Slow down and eat mindfully

    Your body takes a little while to fully digest the food that you have given it. Savor the food you have and put your fork down in between bites to really connect your brain and stomach. Your body knows best when it’s had enough to eat. Trust yourself.

  3. Meal plan

    This is the perfect time to discipline your selves and has simple yet healthy meals. Channel your inner chef, look through old cookbooks, or search online for new recipes.

  4. Stay hydrated

    Water should be your best friend at this time. If you are one of those soda and seltzer water drinkers, this is a good time to substitute it for water.

  5. Journal, read a book or spend quality time with those around you

    It is not often that we get to “relax” and spend time with both ourselves and those loved ones around us. Take this time to do things that you love to really develop a sense of peace a fulfillment in your life.