3 Things to Consider when trying to achieve that “BEACH BODY”

While many of us enthusiasts began our weight loss journey on New Year Day, the rest of us late “bloomers” may be getting started in Spring. With summer right around the corner many of us are buckling down to fit into a new bathing suit. You may be seeing the promise of quickly achieving a beach ready body in time for summer all over your favorite magazines and social media timelines. For years there has been a consensus that losing weight will somehow make your vacations and trips to the beach more enjoyable, but is the rush to lose a few unwanted pounds quickly worth it? The true secret to getting your perfect summer body is…… that there really isn’t one, but there are several things to help you shift your perspective:

1)    Ditching the diet mentality – Many people have grown accustomed to the belief that losing weight can only be achieved by giving up the things they love, thinking negatively about your weight loss plan can easily sabotage your good intentions. It can also create a cycle of weight loss followed by weight gain and sometimes more than before by not being able to stick to a strict diet.

2)    Stop depriving yourself- Small changes throughout the year are much easier to manage than a complete overhaul. Being consistent with your weight loss plan all year round eliminates the need for restrictive diets in order to lose weight fast. Telling yourself that you don’t need or can’t have something because it will undo all of your hard work often has the opposite effect It can cause binges that can make getting back on track difficult.

3)    Setting realistic goals- When it comes to time frames for weight loss, slow and steady wins the race. Trying to lose an unrealistic amount of weight in a short period of time may leave you feeling discouraged when you’re not getting immediate results or have reached a weight loss plateau.