5 FADS to watch out as you start your Weight Loss Resolution:

When you think of the word “TREND” it should describe your fashion choices, not the way you choose to lose weight. FAD DIETS are nothing but a TREND. Fad diets range from being extremely restrictive, excluding entire food groups, to just plan odd. Some fad diets will help you drop a few pounds quickly, but not necessarily safely or permanently. Before you consider a diet, ask yourself, is it sustainable and do the benefits outweigh the risks?

Here’s the inside story of some of the such popular, trendy but FAD Diets that you may have heard of in recent times:

1. THE KETOGENIC DIET– Unless you suffer from Epilepsy, this diet may not be meant for you. Ever heard anyone rave about having the Keto flu? In addition to the unpleasant period of withdrawal, depriving your body of energy producing Carbohydrates makes if difficult and potentially dangerous to stick to long-term and not to forget the long term side effects like high cholesterol and dyslipidemia.

2. GLUTEN FREE DIET– Have you felt the symptoms of bloating and cramping after a plate of pasta or a bowl of your favorite cereal? If not then you most likely don’t suffer from Celiac Disease. There may be a placebo effect when people claim to feel more energized after removing Gluten from their diet. While the diet is not harmful or difficult to maintain long-term, it will likely have little effect on weight loss since you are essentially swapping one source of carbohydrate for another.

3. THE MILITARY DIET– Just the name alone is intimidating. Imagine having to wake up at the crack of dawn for never ending drills while being sleep deprived. It’s probably similar to the way your body feels after being subjected to a daily intake of 1000-1200 calories during a 3-day restriction cycle followed by a 4-day rest cycle that is also low in calories just not as low as the first 3 days which you repeat until you reach your goal weight.

4. THE PALEO DIET– Do you think a diet adapted to mimic a typical caveman’s 40,000 years ago will help you lose weight? While it does incorporate foods such as lean meats, fresh fruits and vegetables it excludes everything cultivated by “modern technology” which in this case is 10,000 years ago. It also excludes whole grains, beans, and dairy which we know are excellent sources of fiber and protein.

5. INTERMITTENT FASTING – Skipping meals is not the best choice for many of us, especially if you are a Diabetic. A caloric deficit can easily be achieved by consuming smaller portions throughout the day. Unless you’ve planned your meals out you may end up eating more calories thinking “I haven’t eaten all day so I can treat myself”, also the frequent periods of starvation can put your body into adaptation zone, where your body drops metabolic rate, conserves energy and making your weight loss even more difficult!

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