A Myth-Buster before New Weight Loss Regimen

MYTH # 1. Foods “melt” body fat!

Decreasing body fat is more involved than just taking a shot of Apple cider vinegar, drinking 5 cups of green tea a day, or eating a grapefruit with every meal to boost your metabolism. Consuming food like these alone and not making any other dietary changes won’t necessarily yield results.

MYTH # 2. You need to do a cleanse!

Ever been annoyed when someone else tries to tell you how to do your job? One of the many roles of your vital organs includes detoxification. Many products are marketed to make us think we can cure fatigue, stop headaches, or lose weight. There is no scientific evidence that detoxes, or cleanses are more effective than our bodies natural ability to remove toxins or that they encourage weight loss.

MYTH # 3. Appetite suppressants are safe!

Companies market products like teas or lollipops make claims that they can suppress your appetite and help you consume fewer calories. You may be wasting money on products instead of incorporating foods that are more satisfying. Many products containing stimulants are not safe for long term use, can have adverse side effects, and are not proven to effectively promote weight loss.

MYTH # 4. Quick weight loss equals fat loss!

Everyone’s body is different and some of us lose weight easier than others. Losing weight using unsustainable or restrictive methods may result in a few quickly lost pounds but, can also be deceiving. Strict dieting can result in a loss of water weight and muscle instead of body fat causing you to reach a plateau soon after beginning your resolution.