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Intuitive Eating – Is This Real or Just Another Fad?

How often do you scroll through your social media and see posts on the new diet trend? Most of them promote restriction and disconnection from our bodies, followed by feelings of guilt and low morale, leading to further restriction. This vicious cycle continues and weight loss cannot be maintained. In order to reconnect our mind and body, we have to give ourselves the freedom and the right to listen to what our bodies need and want. Intuitive eating is the practice of connecting our inner feelings to give us a sense of fulfillment both physically and mentally. Preoccupation and apprehension about past and future meals disengage us from being present in the moment and giving the body the nutrients it needs to function optimally. Principles of Intuitive Eating help with body awareness to heal and rejuvenate.

That being said, Intuitive eating is not a diet. It is a lifestyle and practice that allows the body to reconnect to itself to properly fuel for satisfaction both physically and psychologically. It removes rules and restrictions that make dieting hard to maintain. You no longer have to obsess with food because unconditional permission is always given to eat.

All in all, Eat with mindfulness and be present in the moment is what Intuitive Eating is all about. It may seem vague and challenging to being with, hence, for specific recommendations on intuitive eating, consult a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. Follow this journey and love yourself. You have so much to be present and thankful for. Obsessing over food takes up time and space that can be filled with so many other wonderful things.